Thanksgiving 2012


If we had to, I am sure Dan and I could cook a Thanksgiving meal in our kitchenette. Fortunately we don’t have to; some friends down the street have invited us to join them. There will be 16 people for dinner, and everyone is to bring a dish. This morning Dan prepped sweet potatoes at the kitchenette sink.


Next year we will be able to perform this task at our new kitchen sink.


While the rate of progress on The Destruction can be frustrating at times, a look back to November of last year…


reminds us the project has come a long way. It is close to completion, we haven’t run into any major issues, and our house is looking great.


We are mindful today that we have much to be thankful for, including the progress on our house. We’re looking forward to our dinner with friends and extend our best wishes to all our readers on this Thanksgiving Day.

Dan and John
+ Jack

live. enjoy. repeat.

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