They’re Knockouts


We really enjoy seeing Deb’s fence-line garden in bloom. We take pleasure in it as if it were our own, and we planted the rose bushes ourselves — which we did.

Although, John and I didn’t take on the project all by ourselves; it was a collaboration with Deb and her neighbor Diane.

Diane’s house is next door to Deb’s house, and has a beautiful perennial garden in front.


Two years ago, Deb’s house had a new fence, but not much of a garden.


The demarkation between front gardens was severe — from lush to bare. We all wished Diane’s garden would creep into Deb’s yard. So John and I rolled up our sleeves, and decided to get our hands dirty.


We proposed to do the planting, if Deb would provide the plants (let us buy them at a local nursery with a gift certificate that we knew Deb had – and were certain she had not used), and if Diane would help select the plants.

John had a roadside consultation with the master gardener.


Then Diane and I went shopping at the nursery and stretched the gift certificate to buy rose bushes (Deb’s only request), a few flowering perennials, and some evergreen plants to provide year-round structure.

John prepared the site with his usual precision,


and I planted.


We thought the Pink Knock-Out Roses were very impressive from the start.


Two years later, they truly are…


probably because Diane regularly fertilizes her neighbor’s rose beds.

At this time of year, whenever we pass by Deb’s house we take time to smell the roses.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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