Time To Get Organized


We are finally starting to put the house back in order and reclaim our space — from the ground up. I recently ventured into the basement, fired up the Shop-Vac and started tackling the dust and debris that accumulated during construction.


The basement might seem like an odd place to start when there is so much we have to do on the first and second floors, but it is somewhere we have access to while the contractors continue to work on the other floor levels. Also, having the basement clean, clear, and somewhat organised will provide a foundation for getting the rest of the house straight.

After vacuuming my first task was to organise the relocated laundry area.


This involved drilling the basement walls,


and erecting wire shelving we used with our previous setup.


I also cut some of the shelves so they would fit around new water, gas and electricity lines.


It feels good to have one area of the house organised.


The final touch was to position our red 1970s era clock.


We don’t need a clock in the laundry area, but this one has special significance. It used to reside in the laundry area of Dan’s childhood home.

Dan tells me his mum enjoyed doing laundry. I remember that her laundry area was very organised. No doubt she glanced at our little red clock often to make sure she stayed on schedule with her daily routine running a household and raising a family.

I am sure we will look to the little red clock from time to time to keep ourselves on schedule.



live. enjoy. repeat.

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