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Yesterday I had an opportunity to stop at our local library to view an art exhibition by our friend Pam, a former town resident. Her watercolour paintings of houses in our town were featured, showing a range of house styles which date to the early 1900s.

Pam’s paintings capture the essence of what initially attracted us to this town – a mix of houses with character and charm in well-established neighbourhoods.


Dan particularly enjoys how Pam is able to capture architectural details in watercolour.


I like how she captures the leafy tranquility that we experienced the first time we visited our town.


In 2002 we visited friends that lived here. We liked the town immediately and especially enjoyed sitting on our friends’ deck at night listening to crickets – all the while knowing that the hustle and bustle of Manhattan was just a couple of miles away (an attraction of another kind).

Other aspects about our town that we found appealing were that it has a long-established Shade Tree Commission. This explains why there are so many trees.


And, the town has a history as an artist’s colony, having attracted many artists during the early part of the twentieth century. Some of the early studios still exist. Today, the town continues to appeal to artists.

While at the library, I also enjoyed seeing this photo, taken some years ago, of Pam at work.


live. enjoy. repeat.


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