Travelin’ Jack


I drove 90 minutes today to Bethlehem, PA where I spent a few hours consulting on a design project, and then I drove 90 minutes back home.

John suggested I bring Jack with me for the ride. It was much nicer for Jack than another day in the house barking at contractors as they come and go.

And it was much nicer for me to have Jack as my travel companion. He is good company in the car. He fidgets a lot, but on a longer trip like today’s, he eventually calms down and lies in the passenger seat, or sometimes in the passenger footwell, and takes a little snooze.


On occasions like this, John and I call him ‘Snoozehound.’ Depending on his mood and energy level, he may be called ‘Crazyhound‘ or ‘Sweethound.’ Jack has earned several nicknames.

His first nickname and the one we use the most is ‘Jackpot.’ We felt so lucky the day we found him at the Sean Casey Animal Rescue, we thought we had hit the jackpot. Sometimes we use derivatives of Jackpot — ‘Potty’ and ‘Mr. Pot.’

We also have a secret name that we use when we want to talk about him and don’t want him to know we are talking about him; we refer to him as ‘Russell.’ For example, “have you fed Russell yet?” Please don’t tell Jack we do this, or we will have to come up with another codename.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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