Traveling Light


Siohban and Saoirse are finally traveling light. This evening we took them to Long Wharf in Boston where they boarded the fast ferry to Provincetown with little more than a backpack apiece. Dan and I were both surprised and impressed that they were able to pack so lightly given what they arrived with two weeks ago.


The plan to visit Cape Cod was hatched a couple of days ago when Siohban said they were interested in making another side trip and were considering returning to the Jersey Shore. I recommended Cape Cod and advised it would be easier to achieve given that they don’t have a car. So, ferry and hotel reservations were made, and soon after the discussion turned to luggage. They both decided to pare down their load and have Dan and I bring some things home for them.

Siohban was able to find a backpack in New London, but Saoirse had her sights set elsewhere. She knew of a bag at Urban Outfitters that would suit all of her needs (including style). She had spotted it at the Urban Outfitters store in Bristol, England. With help from our friend Maureen, who was visiting us in New London with her husband Steve, Saoirse reserved a bag for pickup in Boston at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace store.


Saoirse was delighted with her purchase, especially as it cost two thirds of the price in England. She packed her new bag right outside the store.


Interestingly, the store is directly below the offices where Dan was working when he and I met in 1994. We gave the girls and Jack a quick tour of the marketplace…


and then headed over to the wharf. Jack had to stay dockside with Dan and I, though I wonder if he too had sights set elsewhere.


He may have been fancying himself as lookout on the upper deck of the Provincetown Fast Ferry.


Having perfected his lookout skills on Messer Pond, I think he may be ready for the high seas.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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