Jack has a new place where he can lie back and put his paws up. It’s a Tubtrug.  It’s like a basket, but it’s made of plastic.

We didn’t buy it with Jack’s snoozing needs in mind,


and it wasn’t designed specifically to be a plastic dog basket.  In fact, I don’t believe it was designed for any one particular purpose.  That’s the beauty of Tubtrugs; they are multi-purpose containers that can be used for whatever you, or your pooch, can think of.  We’ve accumulated quite a few.

Having found our existing Tubtrugs very useful, we thought we could use a shallow one.  Jack showed an interest in it soon after it arrived — so we decided to furnish it with a blanket for him.  He’s been in it every day since.


When we ordered ‘Jack’s’ Tubtrug we imagined we would use it as we do the others — for all sorts of things:

watering in the garden,

carrying tools and supplies,
collecting clippings and leaves, mixing soil, containing mint,
bathing Jack, soaking laundry,
and sorting door knobs.
The list of things one can do with a Tubtrug is limited only by one’s imagination.

As Jack was so taken with the blue Tubtrug, we decided to order one from the Gorilla range for use at our camp.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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