For A Valentine


John and I recently caught up with Nicole at a cafe in the East Village. She is back at NYU after school break. We gave her a bracelet that was intended as a Christmas gift, but since we failed to get together or send it prior to the holiday, we presented it as an early Valentine.


Regardless of timing, Nicole loved it! And we loved seeing it on her wrist.


We spotted the bracelet while shopping at an outdoor holiday market that was set up at the corner of Central Park. We enjoyed meeting the vendor, Paola, and were pleased to find out that she is also the designer.

Now based in Brooklyn, Paola is originally from Peru, and her jewelry is made from seeds of a palm tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest.


Local artisans shape the seeds and fabricate jewelry pieces to Paola’s designs. The natural material has a lovely ivory-like feel, and takes on rich color when dyed.

Since the bracelet design features Xs and Os, we think it’s a good item to recommend as a Valentine’s gift for a loved one.


In this internet age where so much information is targeted at us, and the authenticity of online reviews is questionable, John and I value a good personal recommendation of a product or service. In return, we enjoy sharing information about things that we like and use.

You can find the XOXO bracelet, and the complete line of Paola’s designs at the MUJUS website

I have another artisanal gift recommendation if you are local to NYC … delicious chocolate truffles, hand-made by our friend Louise at CocoaRoar. My favorite flavor is Caramel and Sea Salt,


but also available for Valentine’s Day are: Bittersweet, Black&White Malted, Cardamom, Rose, and Port Wine.

Check out the CocoaRoar website, and be mindful to place orders before February 10th for pick-up in NYC on the 13th or 14th.

Of course, you can not go wrong sending flowers to someone special. I remember being very happy receiving flowers the Valentine’s day after John and I met (this is usually when the violins start to play).

live. enjoy. repeat.

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