The Visionary


Dan has been planning our addition for many years. We started talking about it the day we viewed the house in 2002. I remember Dan drawing sketches in a notepad on our drive home to Cambridge.

What I love about seeing our addition take shape is that I get to experience the wonderful ideas that have, until now, only been viewed by Dan – inside his head.

As building progresses, Dan’s full vision for our home is unveiled to me. I have reviewed many versions of his drawings, and Dan has gone to great lengths to explain every detail. But it is not until I actually stand in the physical spaces that I can appreciate his full vision. When I look at drawings, I get a clear understanding of floor plans and where everything will go, but I don’t visualize in 3D. It is the third dimension that holds the surprises.

The biggest surprise for me was seeing that after I pass through the dining room and look to the right, I can see across the kitchen, through the kitchen doors, across the breezeway, through the open garage window, to the far wall of the garage.


It’s a very cool feature, and now I can see that a similar long distance view will be created in the bedroom suite.

Of course, none of this is a surprise to the visionary one. He explains that in designing things this way the house will feel much larger than it actually is.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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