Water Boys


John took Jack down to the pond a few minutes ahead of me. We were interested to see how Jack would behave in the water. We realized we had never seen him swim.

When I got to the pond, I was not surprised that Jack did a good “dog paddle,” and looked very cute maneuvering through the water.


He did not venture into the pond immediately. It took a toss of a ball to entice him in, and begin the retrieving game. He would bring the ball back to shore, snorting all the way with his tail quickly wagging above the water like a little propellor.


I enjoyed seeing John and Jack swimming together. They looked like they were having fun, and they both exuded a youthfulness that made me smile. Jack looked as playful as a puppy, and John’s expression beamed with the delight of a young boy.


One of my favorite pleasures of summer is swimming in a river, lake or pond. For me, Messer pond in New London, New Hampster, New England, provides a perfect combination of clear refreshing water and beautiful natural surroundings. The simple act of immersing in its waters seems to awaken my inner child.


So, I put the camera down and jumped in to swim with the other boy and his puppy.

live. enjoy. repeat.


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