Watt Watcher


Memorial Day Weekend is said to be the start of summer, but it doesn’t always feel like it. This year it does.

When we crossed the George Washington Bridge this morning, the display in our car read the outside temperature as 85 degrees fahrenheit (29 degrees celsius). Seeing this information, I knew that my priority for the day was to put air conditioner units in the house. It takes me a couple of weeks to fully adjust to hot weather and, as Dan can attest, I get cranky quickly if I cannot get relief from the heat.

Dan and I have been putting AC units in and out of our house windows for the past 10 years. When we put them in last spring I thought it was for the last time. When the house renovation is complete, we will have central air conditioning. We’re not there yet.

Each year my intention has been to install the air conditioning units before it gets very hot; it never seems to happen. Today it was hot and humid — not ideal for carrying AC units around.


It seems odd to say that I have a favourite air conditioner, but I do. The Emerson Quiet Kool aka the “Watt Watcher” is the best. It came with the house and appears as though it has provided temperature relief since the seventies.


I enjoy the dated looking controls and the faux wood finish. Furthermore, it works great and is still pretty quiet.

The window it resides in during the summer months is the window it was in when we bought the house.

Like me, Jack enjoys retro air conditioning.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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