Will x 6


Will invited us to his 6th birthday party at “Granny’s Beach House” on Cape Cod. Two days before the party we still didn’t have an idea for a present. By our estimation, Will had every Lego guy imaginable.

Then I remembered that Will likes it when everyone wears matching shirts (see December 13, 2012 posting Earning Our Stripes), and I got an idea for a t-shirt design.


I took a photo of Will’s signature from a card that he had made for John…


and repeated the signature six times, one for each year, making it grow bigger and bigger.

I printed the design onto iron-on transfer sheets.


John and Jack did the ironing.


We made a lot of shirts, enough for everyone at Granny’s beach house.


The shirts were a big hit.

I enjoy creating graphic designs and would be happy to make a custom t-shirt every day. Although the shirts were our gift to Will, getting to design the shirt actually felt like a gift from Will to me.


The next day John and I accompanied Will to an inflatable amusements park, and my shirt design was the target for a big hit.


Imagine the fun shirts I could be designing if only I had the forethought to print on the back… “ask me about custom t-shirts for your next party.”


live. enjoy. repeat.

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