Window Bay


After the last of the old windows were removed from the back of our house, John was keen to experience the feeling of the original open porch.

We have only known this little room that we used as our office to be closed in with windows.


So we enjoyed imagining it in its day as an open porch.
We enjoyed even more seeing it transformed with a bay window this week.
The projecting bay adds a lot of dimension to the back of the house,
and it warms my heart to see it lit up with by the evening sun.
It is going to be very fun to sit in there some evening soon.

I was keen to experience the bay window.  For now, the only way to get into the bay window is by climbing up the scaffolding, across the first floor roof, and crawling through a window.  Access from inside the house has been boarded up.


I’d have to make the climb myself to see if the window feels as good as it looks in my little sketch.

If only Jack could join me now (ok, there is enough room for John too).


live. enjoy. repeat.

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