The contractors have been on window detail for two days in The Destruction.

The results are very satisfying.


When it comes to selecting a window, the beauty is in the details. When we had the old windows in our house replaced a few years ago, we chose Pella windows because the profile of the mullions closely matched those of the original windows.


Of course, we didn’t have all the original windows replaced. We knew that 16 old windows at the back of the house were in walls that would eventually be demolished or changed. Soon all the old will be gone, and 20 new windows and a pair of sliding patio doors will grace the expanded rear elevation.


We are really going to enjoy looking out at our garden.


Another detail we really loved about the Pella windows was color. Most replacement windows on the market are white on the outside and made of a material that does not have to be painted such as vinyl or metal. Its a safe color choice, but not all homes want to have colonial white trim. And it’s boring when the windows on every house have the same look.


On our house we wanted to maintain the white stucco walls and have the windows and trims in an accent color. Pella offers a range of colors for metal cladding on the exterior of their windows. We were delighted to find a Deep Olive color that we liked. When we finally have the house painted with trim to match the Pella sashes, its going to look great — evoking the charm of old-fashioned painted sash windows, with less maintenance.

A detail we didn’t foresee was that the rough openings of each window would be wrapped in Protecto Wrap. Apparently, Protecto Wrap has been making waterproofing membranes for the building industry for 60 years. I think its a great brand name, and when I saw this photo in our iPhoto library, I knew the logo caught John’s eye.


I think this company has potential to reach many other markets. Wouldn’t you trust a Protecto Wrap raincoat more than a London Fog? Wouldn’t you feel more impervious to the cold in a Protecto Wrap ski outfit than in a North Face? What if newborns could be swaddled in Protecto Wrap blankets. What if I could wear a Protecto Wrap cape when walking Jack… and we could meander along the poison ivy covered trails in the woods without concern. OK, I’m ready to call their marketing department.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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