Winter Curveball


Mother Nature threw another curveball at us yesterday. A “nor’easter” hurled snow and high winds — bringing the look and feel of winter ahead of schedule.


By mid-afternoon John and I began receiving phone calls and texts from neighbors asking the same question: “Do you have power?” We did not. Having just made it through Hurricane Sandy without losing power, the nor’easter swept in and blew the lights out in our neighborhood.

In case this outage should be an extended one, we took care of a few precautionary chores. John filled IKEA bags with sand and lined them against the basement door (again). Then he brought logs inside for the fireplace. Meanwhile, I located flashlights and rummaged in the basement to find bins containing sleeping bags and long underwear. We were prepared to set up camp by the fireplace in the living room.

To avoid sitting in a cold and dark house, John came up with a simple plan; he suggested we go to a neighboring town for dinner and a movie. What a brilliant idea to go out for electricity!

We found it easy to park on the street near our local theater. We did not find the box office as lively as it must have been in its heyday.


The cinema was closed.


However, the Indian restaurant a few doors away was open. It was probably the busiest place in town…


even though we were the only diners. We charged our cellphones and enjoyed a delicious warm meal.

We left the restaurant to go home to our cold and dark house. But to our surprise, the cinema was now open. While we were dining, the theater staff arrived, ready to welcome customers before the evening’s screenings.


We were debating which of the four films to see when the manager informed us that he may not be able to show any of the films. The theater has a policy requiring a minimum of three patrons in order to present a film, and it appeared that John and I were the only ones interested in going to the movies during a nor’easter.

We appreciated the theater needed to cover its costs. We decided to wait a while to see if any other customers would appear. We chatted with the manager, and after a few minutes John asked, “If we buy three tickets can you show a film for us?”

The manager not only said yes, but added that we could select whichever film we wanted to see. We thought this was a very good offer with tickets priced at $5.75 each, especially on a powerless night.

So, we made our pick…


and bought three tickets for the two of us.


To our delight, and to the amusement of the manager, the ticket seller, and the popcorn maker, we had a private screening of “Trouble with the Curve.”


We both liked the film. John no doubt enjoyed the baseball theme; after attending his first and only game this summer (see August 18, 2012 posting “Go Yankees”) I think he has become a die-hard fan.


I enjoyed watching the transformation of the major characters and their relationships (father/daughter and daughter/love interest), and imagining the transformation in store for a minor character whose talent is discovered near the end of the film.


While we were in the theater we missed some messages from our neighbors. They all said the same thing, “Power is on again.”

Feeling very pleased with the way we chose to spend the hours of the power outage, we returned to a warm and well-lit home. It wasn’t necessary to light a fire for warmth, but since logs were at the ready, John lit one anyway… for the sheer enjoyment of it.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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