We often return from England with dish soap in our luggage.  I wonder if US Customs has a file on me and knows how many gallons of Fairy Liquid I have brought into the country over the years.

John and I think it is more fun to wash the dishes in Fairy Liquid rather than Palmolive.  We have given Fairy Liquid as gifts and always enjoy seeing a bottle in a friend’s kitchen.

I also like HobNobs – because they taste good, and have a silly name.


The names of things in England can be just as much fun as names of products.  When I get a boo-boo, the injury seems less worrisome when covered in a plaster rather than a band-aid.
The “English” language is one of the reasons it is fascinating for an American to go to England.  It is interesting to hear our common language sounding so different.

I enjoyed writing in our blog English-English words and putting in parentheses the American-English (ones).  For instance:  marquee (tent), SatNav (GPS).  Of course I also had fun putting my wheely-bag (luggage on wheels) in the boot (trunk) of our car.

With the exception of SatNav, I didn’t learn any new English-English words during this trip.  Visiting with our friends in England (some that I have known for 25 years like Max and Lucy and Janice), I realized it is words we have in common that enable us to stay in touch over great expanses of time and distance.  Words like humor, thoughtfulness, generosity, friendship, love.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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