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Dan and John have enjoyed working together on creative projects since their meeting 20 years ago in England.  Their most treasured project has been making a home together.  In 2013, they completed an addition and renovation to their 100 year old house.

With a shared belief that a thoughtfully designed environment enhances well-being and enjoyment of daily life, they not only transformed their home, but also their careers.  They combined their talents into ‘Dan and John Life’ — a creative partnership that provides design vision and guidance to enable clients to feel great in their space!

Dan and John live in a leafy neighborhood in New Jersey, minutes from Manhattan.

Dan Pacek

Dan Pacek has a passion for design that has evolved with 20 years of experience as a design professional.  As an architect and creative director, Dan has helped brands such as Michael Kors, DKNY, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, and Missoni to express their personality in stores, at events, and through visual merchandising.  Dan provides design vision, and is uniquely qualified to help you see possibilities.  He approaches design as setting the stage for the enjoyment of life’s activities, and will transform your space in a way that brings to life your personality, style, and sense of fun.

John Roynon

John Roynon has a discerning eye for design, but reserves his stamp of approval for solutions that earn marks on his checklist for: a) practicality, b) function, and c) visual appeal.  John combines an English sensibility with expertise in insight discovery, and delights in finding common sense solutions tailored to client needs.  Drawing from his background in communications, John infuses the design process with great clarity of purpose, ensuring opportunities are explored and benefits are maximized.  John is naturally inclined to optimize your project into a well-considered, high performing, and enjoyable solution.