Aladdin’s Cave


Harlem was grey and damp on Saturday. In a way, it was perfect weather for our adventure. We were in search of Demolition Depot. We found it at 125th and 3rd.

Demolition Depot is an amazing place packed to the rafters with building artifacts from bygone eras. Lights, doors, and windows are available in all shapes and sizes.


Toilets and tubs are available to suit all shapes and sizes.


Dan and I were seeking a window, some decorative grills, and an exterior balcony.


As you wander the four floors, sensors detect your presence, lights turn on, and illuminate the treasures ahead of you. Pretty soon your mind starts to wander along with your feet. Where did this door come from? What was that used for? Who selected those gilded loos . . . and what were they thinking?


With all questions going unanswered, it’s fun to let your imagination fill in the blanks. We learnt that the building was originally a slaughterhouse and later a hardware store. I marveled at the stories that this building holds, and wondered if some of the current residents know more than they are letting on.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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