Bedroom Suite

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Inspired by our clients love of the Southwest, we transformed this bedroom suite with a new color palette and textures, giving a fresh look to photographs and artwork collected over the years (plus one new piece, see Wake Up to a Beautiful View).

A formerly lopsided condition due to a masonry mass in the corner to the right of the bed (see before photo) was balanced by building out a bit of wall on the left side – turning a room with a lump in one corner into a room with an alcove.

Balance was further enhanced in the bed alcove with paired furnishings including mission-style wall lanterns and side tables, and two cloth art pieces that are actually different sizes, but with custom mats are now contained in matching frames.

Please see the comment below posted by our client Lynn Baum.

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  • We loved working with Dan and John on our bedroom renovation. They were so skilled at knowing what we wanted – and then provided all the necessary details with drawings, measurements and customized buying guides. Although we are not local to them, communication was so easy with email, phone meetings and sharing of photographs and swatches. The entire project was just an incredibly fun process and we now love our bedroom!

  • WOW! This is so impressive. Tasteful and soothing colour tones – it all works well together.

  • The transformed space is now so warm and welcoming. We’ve benefited in the past from Dan and John’s spot-on advice for color, light, and composition and look forward to working with them again.

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