A Breath Of Fresh Air


I am currently working against the clock to get our new bedroom suite painted in time for carpet installation this coming Thursday.


When I reach the sanding stage in preparing a room for painting I get really good at procrastinating; it is not a job I enjoy. It’s messy and I dislike wearing a mask.


Even Jack knows to keep clear — he checks my work from behind a plastic dust sheet draped at the room entrance.


Fortunately, I have a new place to go when I need to break for fresh air. Earlier this week (when I should have been sanding in the bedroom) Dan and I stained our breezeway floor.


The floor has been under cover since the wood was laid last September. We have been eagerly awaiting some warm and dry days so that we could apply stain. That opportunity came earlier this week when the temperature soared into the 70s. I wasted no time taking off the two layers of covering that protected the wood from rain and snow through the winter.


After some light sanding…


and vacuuming…


the floor was ready for staining. I worked with a roller,


and Dan followed behind with a brush working the stain into the wood.


It was a great team effort and we are all enjoying the results of our labour.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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