A Breeze Runs Through It


Merriam-Webster defines a breezeway as: a roofed often open passage connecting two buildings (as a house and garage) or halves of a building.

Having a “breezeway” is not something that realtors buzz about to drive up prices and entice sales. Breezeways are often closed in to create more usable interior living space. Let’s face it, breezeways are as old-fashioned as looking things up in the dictionary.

But John and I are delighted to be adding a new breezeway to our old house. We think transitional spaces between indoors and outdoors like porches and breezeways provide everyday pleasures we shouldn’t be without.

Without a sheltered exterior space, where would we sit outside and listen to the rain, or towel off the dog before letting him in. Where would John serve me a hot drink after he has shoveled snow from all the sidewalks (well why not? he is a better shoveler and a better coffee maker than I am).

The breezeway has always been a design feature in my vision for the house (as shown in my magic-marker sketch).


It becomes the gateway to our back garden. And it is going to be a fun space to pass through whether going from back garden to front yard, from kitchen to garage, or vice-versa.


We will greet neighbors here. And we will sit here and enjoy cocktails (oh, actually, we’ve already done that). John envisions us taking orders through the window in the garage wall… hot dog, hamburger, ice cream cone… quesadilla… margarita?


Don’t you think every house should have a breezeway? Wait until our local realtors see ours in action. Can you hear the breezeway buzz?

live. enjoy. repeat.

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