Bridging the Gap


We were very excited the day the stone stairway leading to the top of our little hill was finished.


We couldn’t wait for the workmen to leave, so we could take an inaugural climb by ourselves. We wanted to enjoy the experience of climbing the stairs… and enjoy a cocktail together at the top.


Building the stairway up to the hilltop proved to be quite a feat of construction. Adding to the challenge was my design of a fountain and pond at the base of the wall. The narrow pond hugs the wall like a little moat.


To take our first climb up the stairs, we had to jump across the pond. Although we were thrilled to be able to use the stairway, the experience was incomplete. The final piece of the puzzle was missing — the bridge stone.

When we were designing the stair and pond, John and I thought it would be fun if you had to walk over the water on a bridge. You can see the bridge stone in my sketch that I gave to the stone-scapers…


and in the photo taken yesterday when the bridge was finally set in place!


Walking over the pond makes the stair experience extra special, just as we imagined.

Unfortunately, John was not here for the first walk across the bridge (he is in New Hampshire this week). And he was not here to raise a glass with me to the occasion.

So, I had to find another drinking buddy to share the experience.


live. enjoy. repeat.


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