Certified Occupants


You probably know already that Dan and I need little reason to get the cocktail shaker out. Yesterday evening, however, we had real cause to celebrate . . . we received our FINAL approval from our town’s building department.

Dan made a ‘Spring Feeling’ cocktail with gin, Chartreuse and freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Not only was it delicious and appropriately named, it was a perfect colour for our new kitchen.

This morning we received a call from Borough Hall to say that our Certificate of Occupancy was ready. We went right away to pick it up.


Getting to this point of completion has been a test of endurance, and has certainly tried my patience.

Over the course of the project we amassed an assortment of Building, Electrical, Fire Protection, and Plumbing window stickers as work progressed.


After yesterday’s final inspections, Dan wasted no time in removing all of the approval stickers and building permits from our vestibule window.


Destruction work began on September 22, 2011 (that’s 561 days ago!) when we said goodbye to our little garage.


Looking back, the scariest time for me was when the back of the house was torn off, and the upper storey appeared to be propped up by little more than matchsticks.


Dan and I are both thankful that the construction phase is now behind us and are pleased with the final outcome. We recognise how fortunate we are to have our home tailored to our specifications.

We liked our home before The Destruction,


but love it even more with all the additional amenities.


We look forward to completing the painting and landscaping work during the coming months, and enjoying our new indoor and outdoor spaces.

In the meantime, we can all rest comfortably now that we have our Certificate of Occupancy in hand and under paw.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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