Change is Good


Progress is always fun to see, as in these construction photos taken over the past few months.


When the foundation and basement walls were completed, we jokingly told a neighbor that we changed our minds and were building a swimming pool instead. The basement really looked like a swimming pool (and felt like a swimming pool when we climbed down into it).

As John and I know, there is no better way to get a feeling for what will work best in a space, than to be in the space, experiencing it.


So, as I walked through the job site, I realized I wanted to change the placement of a few things. I gave our contractor Sean a revised drawing right before his crew started to put up partitions.


As you can see, the first floor layout is now set. It’s just how we want it, thanks to Sean for being so flexible.


Really flexible, because this morning I gave him a drawing with a few changes for the second floor.

They say it’s never too late to change.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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