Design Vision Sketch

Sloan Eichman Living Room Vision Sketch


Ideal for seeing how your room, suite of rooms, or entire home or garden can be transformed into the space you dream of but cannot envision.

After gathering information and gaining insights about you, your personal style, and how you wish to use your space, Dan and John create a vision tailored to your needs.  With the aid of sketches you will be able to visualize your transformed space, and imagine how you will experience it.


  • discovery session in your space
  • personalized design solution
  • sketch showing how the transformed space will look and feel
  • design drawings with dimensions and notes
  • list of key items/components needed to fulfill the vision
  • summary of recommendations

The completed Design Vision Sketch will enable you to confidently move forward with implementation of your project.  You, and the professionals you engage, will have a common understanding about what you want, guided by design documents and drawings you both can reference.  With confidence, you will be able to:

  • communicate what you want to professionals that can implement your project
  • have informed discussions with contractors, landscapers, architects, etc.
  • gather comprarable pricing from multiple resources
  • advance your project knowing the end result will look great

Whether you are looking to transform a living space, kitchen, or bedroom suite, or create a spa bathroom, yoga studio, or zen garden, you will find Design Vision Sketch an invaluable tool in bringing your dream project to life.

Sketch Examples: