Don’t Dwell On It


Today is the day we were expecting Dwell magazine to photograph our kitchen renovation.

In anticipation of this event, we have been busy trying to complete many home and garden projects. (We have also been busy the past few months trying to build our business, and have therefore been absent from the blog).

Yesterday, I had just finished planting some shrubs in a corner of the garden…


when John told me we received an email from Dwell. The photo editor suggested we postpone the shoot due to the unfavorable weather forecast. In order to get the best photos we can, and especially because an important aspect of our design is the relationship of the kitchen to the garden, we agreed to try again for blue skies in June.

John and Jack and I took a minute to adjust to the news and relax.


The last few days were intense with house cleaning and home improvements. We were exhausted from watching our friends work so hard!

As the day of the photo shoot approached, we realized our to do list was bigger than us. John came up with the brilliant idea to ask some friends for help. So we asked… and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had a rotating crew of helpers.

They painted,


and cleaned,


and polished,


and stained,


and swept,


and planted,


and planted!


Phew! Thanks to our friends, we crossed through our to do list,


and will be extra ready for the shoot in June.

This morning we woke to a steady rain, and knew we made the right decision. Nonetheless there was a little disappointment that the photographer and crew from Dwell magazine weren’t coming.


So when the rain stopped, we grabbed the camera (and some kibble) and had our own photo shoot.


Turns out it wasn’t such a bad day for photos after all!


As we patiently wait for the real Dwell magazine photo shoot day to come, we’ve learned a few valuable lessons:
1) we can’t count on the weather
2) we can always count on our friends

Thank you: Nanda, Ming, Deb, Matt, Louise, Cenovia, Lorra and Nilse!

live. enjoy. repeat.

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