Easy Access


One of the things I am really enjoying about our redesigned house is the easy access we now have to the back garden from our basement — and vice versa.

Steps lead down from the garden level…


to a light and spacious covered entrance area.


From here one can enter the basement through a new partially glazed door.

Dan did a beautiful job designing a pleasant sequence into the lower level of the house (see June 4, 2012 posting ‘Seeing Through the Wall’).


It’s a big improvement on what used to be there — Bilco doors!!


Anyone who has encountered Bilco doors will know how cumbersome they can be. I found ours to be precarious and a little scary too. Even though I locked in the braces, I always felt the doors could slam shut at any time. They were a real deterrent to accessing the basement.

Now we actually enjoy entering and exiting the house via this convenient access point,


and the basement feels less subterranean, especially with views out to the garden…


and up to the sky.


Another thing I like about our new basement access is that we now have a convenient and dry spot where we will be able to build a log pile — right outside the basement door.


Again, this will be a big improvement on our pre-Destruction set up. Our logs, that I’ve accumulated over the years from cutting trees and branches in our garden, used to be stored in the dilapidated garage.

During The Destruction we split the log pile and relocated it to a couple places in the back garden. One pile is up at the Camp.



Having to fetch logs into the house from far away was a deterrent to having a fire.

With our new basement access it’s easier to fetch in logs and light a fire…


and keep Jack at his most content.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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