Fallen Hostess, Hidden Heroes


As far as know I have never consumed a Ring Ding, Ho Ho, Sno Ball, or Twinkie . . . and it seems I never will. This week Hostess, the company that manufactured these products, announced it is going out of business. I for one am pleased, though I feel for those who will lose their job.

For readers outside the US unfamiliar with Hostess, it manufactured highly processed food products that are high in calories and low in nutritional value. Probably it’s best known product is the Twinkie, a creme-filled sponge roll that is reputed to have an infinite shelf life — made possible by artificial ingredients.

A 1970s commercial for Twinkies, viewable on YouTube, informed viewers of the day that Hostess and Kids go together.

By targeting its products at kids, I believe Hostess contributed to the current obesity epidemic in the US. In the 1980’s the company put out a commercial with a seemingly responsible mum character saying “Fresh wholesome Hostess meets my tough standards.”

I cannot think of a product that is further from fresh and wholesome, or further from real food.

In contrast to the misleading mum in the commercial, Dan and I met a real mum today who truly knows what wholesome food is.

Liz Neumark owns a catering company and is also the founder of an organization called The Sylvia Center (named in memory of her daughter who died at age seven). The center “is a garden-to-table program that inspires young people to discover good nutrition on the farm and in the kitchen.” The organization arranges for inner city kids to visit a farm, learn where food comes from, and learn how to cook the food. And, they ensure that the kids have fun along the way.

We met Liz at The Andrew Goodman Foundation ‘Hidden Heroes Event’ that “recognizes ordinary people that are doing extraordinary things.” It was very touching to see Liz receive her well deserved award today. I was particularly inspired by her story because I believe it is important to educate young people about the value of eating fresh unprocessed food.

All of the recipients were inspiring in the work that they do.

The presentations, stories, and tributes were amazing and at times very moving.

Dan and I both wish the Hidden Heroes stories would reach a wider audience. We encourage you to learn more about The Andrew Goodman Foundation and the work it does to carry on the spirit and purpose of a young man who gave his life doing what he believed in.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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