Gardening State


During the past few weeks we’ve been enjoying cooler temperatures in the run up to Autumn. They have provided us with an opportunity to start restoring our garden after the impact of The Destruction. We do, after all, live in “The Garden State” — or, as I prefer to call it, The Gardening State.

As soon as the hot days of summer were behind us, I eagerly prepped The Great Lawn area and sowed grass seed.


Having spent two winters looking out at a disrupted back garden, I was keen to get things straightened out. This is what it looked like in September 2011 when a seepage pit was installed,


and this time last year we had a rock garden.


Since I sowed the lawn Jack has kept an eye on things, and we now have a reasonable showing of grass.


While I have been working on the lawn and ivy (see Aug 14, 2013 posting Trailing Around With Ivy), Dan has been planting new shrubs,


digging up existing ones,


and transferring them…


to new locations.


Dan loves garden design and has endless patience for situating a plant in just the right spot, and positioning it in such a way that it looks good from multiple vantage points. I, on the other hand, am happy to plant more ground cover


and do some weeding…


always, of course, with a forager’s eye for edible treats like this yellow wood sorrel.

Eager to achieve lots before the onset of winter, we are spending as much time in the garden as possible. We frequently find ourselves still working when crickets start chirping and our new lanterns come on at dusk. Each is a signal to us that we are nearing the end of another day in the Gardening State.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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