Growing Pains


The house is growing. Looking at it from the back, the breakfast room has pushed its way out, and today, the framing for the master bedroom is reaching over the breezeway.

When looking at an old photo below, you get a sense of the new directions that the house is going in.


While the contractors were busy expanding our house, I took Jack in a new direction as well. We got in the car and drove for about an hour to a farm where he will spend two weeks with a dog trainer.


We realized some time ago, that we need the help of a professional to train Jack and enable us to give him our best care.

The plan for Jack’s personal growth and development involves redirecting certain behaviors, such as: obeying key commands, socializing with other dogs, and being friendly with new people.

But, boy was it hard to leave our little one at camp! Driving away without my passenger – it just felt wrong. And when I got home, the void created by Jack not being here, seemed enormous.

I was missing Jack, and the construction progress made today was somehow little comfort. The chunk of plaster now missing from the stairwell reminded me how much upheaval is still in store for us.

As a dog owner and homeowner, I had to ask myself why we are putting our pet and our house through such growing pains?

The answer in both cases seems to be: growth designed to realize full potential is a really positive thing.

Somedays it seems a lot easier with a hundred-year-old house, than with an eight-year-old terrier.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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