Contractor’s Holiday

Impromptu gathering

We require remarkably little cause for celebration.  In this case, it was because our contractor is in Ireland, and there will be no progress on our house extension and renovation project for a week.  Given our desire to complete this project as soon as possible, this is not a good thing.  But, as the saying goes… “when life gives you lemons… you can always garnish a cocktail.”

Here’s the way things work in our neighborhood.  Matt and Deb are having Mark over for dinner, and they invite us to join.  Knowing of our construction hiatus, Deb suggests we have drinks before dinner on our new breezeway.  We think this is a brilliant idea.

We’ve been dreaming about adding on to our house for years.  The sooner we start enjoying our new spaces, the better.  Why wait until it’s done?

John is tidying the camp at the back corner of our garden, and chats with our neighbor over the fence.  We invite Dennis and Hillary to come over for drinks on the breezeway.  At first they decline, because they are having a guest for dinner, so we suggest they bring cousin Ed along.  They think this is a brilliant idea.

Now John and I have six adults, one four-and-a-half year old, and a handful of Bakugans coming for drinks in an hour, but only three chairs.  Hmmm.

I think the new breakfast area will be a better venue than the breezeway because I have a quick solution for some extra seating.

new-breakfast area

A few planks, a few cushions, and an extension cord for one Sonos music speaker and we are ready to party.

dining-room pass-thru

The dining room window provides a great temporary pass-thru.

dining-room pass-thru

You’ve probably guessed the end of this story…

friends on new breakfast area

Hillary brought her meal to Deb’s house, and we all had dinner together.

dinner on new breakfast area

As our friend Will often shows us, you don’t have to go far for fun.

drinks on new breakfast area

live. enjoy. repeat.


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