Our Lawn is Back — Greener Than Before


The Dwell magazine photo shoot of our kitchen did get rescheduled, and it took place last month. The weather was perfect and, with an additional month of spring growth, the garden outside our kitchen windows looked great. Now we have to wait several months to see how it all looks in print.

Prior to the shoot one of my responsibilities was to make sure the lawn looked its best.

It looked great on the day,

and I have since received several compliments regarding it. I have Jonathan Green to thank.


You may recall that during The Destruction our lawn was dug up to accommodate a seepage pit

and later used to store stones.

By the time the stones were cleared we were left with a dirt patch.

Restoration of our lawn began late last summer when I prepped the ground and sowed seed.

That’s when Jonathan Green first appeared.

I discovered Jonathan Green grass seed…

at a local nursery and was pleased to have found an alternative to Scott’s. The Scott’s brand doesn’t endear itself to me because it heavily promotes the use of artificial fertilizers and herbicides that are harmful to the environment (as well as pets and people). In contrast Jonathan Green, a family run business based in New Jersey, offers natural and organic products that are environmentally friendly.

And if that wasn’t enough to sway me, I later discovered that the company originated in England in the 1800’s when Mr. Green started growing turf grass for bowling greens. I guess his last name foretold his destiny. (The story of how Jonathan Green got started is a quick and interesting read: jonathangreen.com/about us)

Dan and I don’t intend to use herbicides on our lawn, and so far we’ve not needed to apply fertilizer. If and when we need to, we will opt for a Jonathan Green product.

In the meantime, Dan and I once again get to enjoy one of our favourite summer pastimes — lying on our “sun and shade” lawn…

and gazing up at trees, birds and clouds that tower high above.

Jack is less apt to look skyward, but does enjoy chilling out on the lawn too.

live. enjoy. repeat.

Anyone interested in trying Jonathan Green lawn products can find them at Amazon.

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