A Leaf Out Of Willi’s Book


I planted fall seeds a few weeks ago and have been amazed at the rate at which they sprouted and the plants grew.

The radishes are the most impressive. I remember growing them as a kid but had forgotten how quickly they grow — and how satisfying they are to track. Within a week they were peaking through the ground, and a couple of days later, we started to enjoy some fresh homegrown produce.

Taking a tip from a new gardening book I have been raeding, ‘Grow Cook Eat’ by Willi Galloway…



our first harvest, albeit small, was of baby radish leaves.


The tip: instead of thinning the seedlings by pulling them and discarding them, snip the excess plants with scissors and add the cut greens to salads.


Dan and I were both surprised at the amount of radish flavour contained in the tiny leaves that also reminded us of watercress. Feeling adventurous I also used the leaves as a tasty garnish on a summer squash, hummus, beetroot and goat cheese appetizer. It’s fun to try something new.


Tonight, three weeks after sowing the radish seeds, we enjoyed our first radishes.


I refrigerated the leaves for use in another meal. According to Willi, the leaves can be substituted in cooked recipes that call for spinach or mustard greens.

Soon we hope to be enjoying lettuce green, beets, carrots, and peas.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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