Designed specifically for you, your space, and how you want to live in it, Design For Well-Being is a holistic approach to creating spaces that support us in daily life.

  • Open Plan Living Concepts
  • Remodels and Additions
  • Master Plans – for entire home and /or garden
  • Kitchens and Baths
  • Master Bedroom Suites
  • Outdoor Living / Garden Spaces
  • Individual Rooms / Spaces for Unique Purpose

Potential experiences and interactions that uplift our lives are made possible in spaces that are well designed and appropriately appointed.

Dan and John Life creates spaces that are functional, meaningful, and beautiful — in that order, with each layer contributing to the bigger picture.  As mindful designers, the first thing we do is explore how a space could be used to its best advantage. By focusing on maximizing potential, we often discover opportunities that others overlook.  To develop an optimum floor plan, we evaluate function and flow, furniture layouts, circulation, daylighting, sight lines, architectural details, and current and future client needs.

We provide a guiding vision for our clients to follow.  We work through the details early, not as an afterthought, to ensure successful outcomes.  Too often we have been asked to find solutions for a challenging space that is the result of short-sighted projects with missed opportunities.  Lack of design planning results in unnecessary expenditures, ‘mistake buys’ (furniture purchases that do not work well in the space), and having to do things twice to get it right.  A project reduced to the beautification of a poorly functioning space is a poor investment.  Our comprehensive design planning eliminates these risks.

With each project, our intention is to reflect the personality and preferences of our client.  You will notice in our reviews that clients often compliment us by telling us that we are good listeners — which tells us that we ask the right questions, and are skilled at translating client desires into a design vision.  We believe it is important that our environment nurtures us and our potential.

Contact us to design your next project and help you to thrive in your space!