Moving Chairs


We think the four vintage office chairs around our kitchen table are great. And we think it’s fun that one of them is green.

The chairs are comfortable, colorful, and have a cool machine age modern look. They are surprisingly good to relax in.


Because we like the chairs so much, we wished we had two more just like them in our office… and a couple of weeks ago our wish came true!


So, how did we get our wish of two more matching chairs? It’s a long story — and involved a long drive.

Seven years ago, we salvaged the six vintage chairs from the basement of an old office building. At that time we had no place in our house to use them all. We employed the one green chair in our office, gave two yellow chairs to our friend Lorra, and stored the rest in our basement.

Now, having expanded our kitchen and relocated our office to a larger room, we found ourselves wishing we still had the two chairs that we gave to Lorra years ago.

Knowing that Lorra wasn’t currently using the chairs, we mustered up the nerve to ask her if we could have them back. Lucky for us, she replied “yes, of course.” But there was a catch — the chairs now resided at her sister’s house… in North Carolina!

Lorra did not see the great distance as an unsurmountable obstacle to our wish, and even put together a plan for us to reunite the chairs. Her sister Jan would soon be visiting Washington, DC with her family and was willing to bring the chairs with her. So, we ended up driving 235 miles with Lorra to our nation’s capital.

We were reunited with our chairs (outside the hotel where Lorra and family were staying),


and soon had them loaded into our car.


In need of a break before making the long drive home, we took Jack on a quick sightpeeing tour,


and then John and I joined Lorra and her family for dinner.

It would have been a lot easier if we had not given the two chairs away in the first place, but not as much fun. We enjoyed the roadtrip with Lorra and the time we spent with her family.

Now we are enjoying sitting on our old chairs in our new office.


As a designer of interior spaces, I appreciate furniture that can do double duty and be moved around the home for different purposes. I see added value in our office chairs because they can also be utilized downstairs.

For a larger gathering or special occasion, it’s great to be able to increase the seating capacity at our kitchen table from 4 to 6. For example, when Jack wants to entertain a few guests — so that he can get better acquainted with the dog next door.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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