New Year Intentions


Reading the previous posting (Kitchenette Countdown), you might think we had exhausted all the ways to cook an egg in 2012. But before the year was out, John squeezed in another egg dish.


He made deviled eggs to bring to our neighbor’s New Year’s Eve party.


He followed the tip from our friend Carol and put the egg yolk mixture into a ziplock bag, and cut off a corner to create a squeeze bag.

The deviled eggs were delicious,


and the platter looked great.


At the party, I was asked the question, “do you have any new year’s resolutions?” I do not.

And thinking about it, I realize I have a problem with resolutions — pre-determined actions that are firmly decided on. For me, resolutions generate an inflexible view of what needs to be done.

One of the things I have become mindful of through writing our blog is the everyday joys we discover by embracing intuition, spontaneity, and open-heartedness.

So rather than set rigid resolutions, I choose to set intentions for this new year. The difference may be purely semantic, but for me, it is important that intentions carry a purpose or attitude toward the effects of one’s actions or conduct. With good intentions, I feel well-equipped to navigate the opportunities and challenges of the coming year.

John and I feel 2013 is going to be a good year for us. With a flexible approach, an open heart, and intuition as our guide, we intend to:

– enjoy the completion of our house project

– put energies into ‘Dan and John’ creative consulting business, and help others to realize the benefits of well designed home and workplace

– nurture well-being in ourselves and others

On Tuesday, John and I went to another neighbor’s house for their annual New Year’s Day open house. Their table is always interesting, set with traditional japanese foods to welcome the new year. There were notecards on the table explaining that golden colored foods were to be eaten for prosperity, and white foods for happiness.

I think John’s choice to make deviled eggs was an auspicious one. Our wish for those reading our blog is that 2013 will be a good year for you as well, full of prosperity and happiness.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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