A Nose For A Bargain


Dan and I recently received a text from Ming that read “Just got it from an estate sale! Excited.” The text was accompanied by the following photograph of a roll of very cool vintage fabric:


Ming has discovered a great website for anyone that likes estate sales — estatesales.net. When you visit the site using your phone, and enter your zip code, you can plan a route to sales in your area. Last Friday Ming and Ray invited Dan and me to join them on a tour of nearby sales.

Unfortunately Dan had to stay home as someone was coming to measure the new bedroom for carpet. The piece we were given at the carpet store is only big enough for one of us.


So, Dan and Jack remained at home while I tagged along with Ming and Ray. None of us made any big purchases, but I did buy a very hefty tape dispenser.

I spotted it in the pantry of one of the houses we visited and was immediately taken by its old industrial look. After a little bargaining with the vendor, we sealed a deal and the dispenser was mine.

As soon as I got home I loaded the dispenser with blue painters tape. It performed beautifully. Like any well designed desktop dispenser it remains stationary and requires just one hand to stretch and tear tape. No need to hold it still with a second hand.


Jack showed immediate interest in my new purchase, and soon indicated that he wanted to see more stretching of tape.


In no time at all we had accent strips running all around his sleeping quarters.


By the end of the day’s painting session I had two questions on my mind. How did anyone paint straight lines before blue tape came along,


and how much does our new tape dispenser actually weigh? A quick weigh-in on our kitchen scales answered the latter question (a little under 6 lbs), but I am still pondering the first.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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