Dwell Is Here!

Jack alerted us as soon as the mailman dropped the November issue of Dwell through our letter box today, and then he proceeded to hog the magazine. He loves page 68… with his photo. Get...


Zara’s Tree

Visitors to our garden often comment on how nice the little Japanese maple is that’s planted in our lawn. It’s particularly interesting because the colour of its leaves always...



While driving home from western Pennsylvania recently, John and I made a stop at a produce stand. As John checked out the cucumbers, the proprietor started chatting to me and mentioned...

thrive in your space!

We believe that a thoughtfully-designed environment enhances well-being and enjoyment of daily life.  As a creative team, we apply design expertise, practical advice, and intuition to help others feel great in their space.  We meet clients at the intersection of interior design, architecture, self expression, and well-being… and we’re pleased to meet you by sharing our projects and stories.

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