Reminders Of Home

This time of year our neighbourhood is ablaze with color. Azaleas are in bloom almost everywhere you look. One is left in no doubt that winter is behind us. For me, however, the sight of...


Bare Essentials

In anticipation of losing our kitchen for a while, we pared down the cupboards to the bare essentials. To accomplish this, I emptied each cabinet and transferred all our stuff (some stuff...


One Step At A Time

While John was chasing Giant Fleas on Saturday, I drove into the city and went to Pilates class. Then I went to a Tap Dance Class. No, I did not tap dance. I watched our friend Solana learn...


Supporting The Arts

It was a special privilege for us to attend the 2012 Tisch Gala last night. Our friends John and Kris invited us to join them and their daughter Nicole, who is in her freshman year at NYU...


The Big Test

Our local dog run is located under a big tree. It is divided into two areas for “large dogs” and “small dogs.” We assumed the designations were for physical size, and not...

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