No Response

We’ve not heard how Jack’s training is going. Dan is not surprised. He pointed out that Jack’s trainer is an animal-person not a people-person. It’s very odd not having Jack...


Rock Garden

Our backyard is a mess. It looks more like a quarry than a garden. The addition we are putting on the house blocks open access for getting big equipment to the backyard. So, before...


Aladdin’s Cave

Harlem was grey and damp on Saturday. In a way, it was perfect weather for our adventure. We were in search of Demolition Depot. We found it at 125th and 3rd. Demolition Depot is an amazing...


Growing Pains

The house is growing. Looking at it from the back, the breakfast room has pushed its way out, and today, the framing for the master bedroom is reaching over the breezeway. When looking at...


Prime Real Estate

I received a key this week to some very sought after real estate. After a year long wait my name reached the top of the waiting list for a plot at our town’s community garden (known...


Project Management

We reached a whole new level at the house today. The floor joists for the master bedroom are in place. Things are progressing nicely. Most of the time it’s a pleasure being an on-site...


Change is Good

Progress is always fun to see, as in these construction photos taken over the past few months. When the foundation and basement walls were completed, we jokingly told a neighbor that we...

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