Twelfth Night

We are putting away our Christmas decorations because tomorrow is the 12th day of Christmas. John reminded me that it is bad luck to keep decorations up beyond January 6th (this rule seems...


Autumn Colour

We have been enjoying a long season of magnificent autumn colours this year — some of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m not certain why the colours are more impressive this...


Moving Chairs

We think the four vintage office chairs around our kitchen table are great. And we think it’s fun that one of them is green. The chairs are comfortable, colorful, and have a cool machine...


Gardening State

During the past few weeks we’ve been enjoying cooler temperatures in the run up to Autumn. They have provided us with an opportunity to start restoring our garden after the impact of...


Big Bang for 6 Bucks

John recently described the Elephant Ears plant in our garden as “the biggest bang for six bucks this summer.” John grew the Elephant Ears from a big root the size of a baseball. He...


Tini Glasses x 6

Before leaving Cape Cod last week we paid a visit to a favourite thrift store. The one in Eastham where you are apt to be charged more when you buy less (see October 1, 2012 posting Weekend...

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