Painter’s Quarters


Over the weekend we had some good Friends visit: Maureen, Steve, Cameron, and Julia.


Their visit was scheduled some weeks ago, and we expected to have our new bedroom painted and carpeted. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, so we improvised in order to be able to sleep in our new room.

Our first job was to clear all the tools and supplies we have been using in order to make room for an air mattress.


While clearing up, I set aside a few things that I thought would be useful: clip-on work lamps and an unused dust cover.


The blue dust cover made a thin but effective area rug that provided protection from the plywood floor; painters’ tape held it in place.


As always, Jack was available to lend a paw,


and was among the first to test the mattress.


I can vouch for it being quite comfortable.


With a few finishing touches, such as paint pot side tables,


we had our new bedroom looking quite cozy.


Though neither of us got a great night of sleep, Dan and I did enjoy trying out the master bedroom and waking up with a new view to the world.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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