A Patch of History


Remember the wall with the kitsch wallpaper that was uncovered when our old kitchen was demolished? (see May 4, 2012 posting Hidden Kitsch)


Well, we just got around to painting that section of wall; it took us a while to determine what we would do with it.

After we removed the strawberry festival wallpaper, we were left with a patchwork of colors that provided visual clues to the decorative history of the room — and we kind of enjoyed it. Especially as the old colors worked nicely with the new colors and materials we had selected for the kitchen (in an abstract sort of way).


Other people liked it too, and asked us if we were going to leave it as it was. This was certainly an option we considered. But, in the end we decided the wall was too grimy and the paint too flakey to live with. That’s when Dan came up with an idea of how to preserve just part of the wall.

A few days later a box arrived in the mail…


the contents of which…


would help frame a nice solution.


Jack helped identify a good patch of wall to preserve and made sure that Dan got the placement of the frame just right.


After priming and painting the rest of the wall, I carefully drilled two holes at the perimeter of the preserved patch.


The locations of the holes had to correspond with dowels that I had set into the back of the frame.


Then I painted the frame a metallic silver…


and set the frame in place.


We are all pleased with the way we’ve preserved a patch of our kitchen’s decorative history. It feels like a portal to the past.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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