Prime Real Estate


I received a key this week to some very sought after real estate. After a year long wait my name reached the top of the waiting list for a plot at our town’s community garden (known as an allotment where I come from). It’s so sought after in fact that in the past people from other towns have tried to secure a plot. Proof of residency is now required at sign up.

For an annual fee of $36 I have been assigned what I am led to believe is a prime plot.


Okay, I know it doesn’t look much right now, but I see huge potential. Amongst the weeds I have already identified mint (mojito weather is just around the corner), some type of chive/onion, a strawberry plant, and granny’s bonnet (aquilegia). You never know what you are going to inherit when you take over a garden while things are somewhat dormant. It will be fun to see what else shoots up during the next few weeks.


When I received my key I was presented with a list of rules that I am to abide by. I thought it was a comprehensive list… but perhaps not comprehensive enough. Janet, the person that signed me up, explained that recently a tenant was asked to remove an ironing board from their plot. Apparently, it crossed the line as to what is visually acceptable. I made a mental note to keep laundry items to a minimum.

Included in the annual fee is access to water, use of the new wheel barrow, and use of the tools in the shed. I think the shed is my favourite part of the whole experience. Where else does one get an opportunity to learn shed etiquette?


live. enjoy. repeat.

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