Project Management


We reached a whole new level at the house today. The floor joists for the master bedroom are in place. Things are progressing nicely.

Most of the time it’s a pleasure being an on-site project manager. But on occasion, a difficult situation arises calling for quick thinking and creative problem-solving.

A few times a day, Keith, one of our contractors comes into the house. And every time Jack goes crazy, barking and fiercely protecting his territory. I felt it was my job to better manage this situation.

So at the end of the workday yesterday, I asked Keith if he could stay a few minutes longer. He agreed and had a seat in the living room. I eventually got Jack to calm down and sit as well.

I handed Jack’s Kong toy to Keith, and asked him to throw it. Jack retrieved the Kong, ran past me with tail wagging, and took it straight to Keith for more.

This morning, when Keith came inside, Jack did not bark. Keith had been transformed from a feared intruder into a new playmate.


So, Jack reached a new level today as well. If only he could manage to get Keith to come in and play.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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