A Public Convenience


“Johnny-on-the-Spot” is not a name I would have landed on if assigned the task of naming a toilet that moves from location to location. I think “Danny-on-the-spot” flows so much better. Though I foresee that certain people might have a problem with this name too. In fact, is there any better name than “Porta-loo” for these mobile conveniences?

Our Porta-loo appeared seemingly from nowhere. I came home one day, and there it was, sitting by our driveway (I imagine it arrived like Doctor Who’s Tardis). Though its green and brown colors go some way toward helping it blend in, it’s still very noticeable.


One guy in particular has noticed our Porta-loo. When Jack and I were returning from our early morning walk the other day, we saw someone come out of the loo and head up the hill. A couple of days later we saw him exiting again. I called after him and asked what he was doing.

He’s a very nice guy and said that he lives around the corner. He explained that living with his wife and teenage daughters, it’s often impossible to use a bathroom when he needs to. Before our loo appeared, he used to make early morning runs to Dunkin’ Donuts. I told him he is welcome to use our Porta-loo any time . . . but I am not making him coffee.

Happy April Fools Day!

live. enjoy. repeat.

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