Raising The Bar


Remember those coat hooks we kept moving from one wall to another during The Destruction (see May 22, 2012 posting ‘Temporary Exhibit’).


Well, we eventually ran out of wall space to hang them on when the contractors reduced our living space to a minimum.

It was then that Dan came up with an ingenious coat hanging solution. Using some spare Metro shelving we had stored in the basement, he created a mobile coat rack that could be relocated at a moment’s notice.


At the weekend we transferred our coats to their final place of residence…


the new coat closet.

This took our coat hanging to another level.

The new closet is a big upgrade as, prior to renovation, we only had a makeshift one on the first floor.

Our new closet, located near the entrance leading from the breezeway, is generously sized to accommodate visitor’s coats as well as our own. Dan designed it with convenience in mind.

Dan and I both know a thing or two about closets.



Over the years we have designed and built several closet interiors; some for ourselves and some for friends.

I therefore consider myself qualified to install a hang rod…


however, Jack thought otherwise.


Even though he never hangs up his coat, he felt the need to supervise my work.


To facilitate measurement of the hang rod he made his crate available as a temporary workbench,


but I soon realized this was a ploy. He wanted to check my measurements.


Eventually I observed him sleeping on the job; I took this as an indication that my work measured up to his high standards.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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