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We’ve not heard how Jack’s training is going. Dan is not surprised. He pointed out that Jack’s trainer is an animal-person not a people-person.

It’s very odd not having Jack around. In the mornings, I miss the wonderful greeting that he always gives me. He nuzzles into me, I scratch his back near the base of his tail; he wags like there’s no tomorrow.

I also miss our walks and playing Kong. I even miss Jack when the house phone rings. I brace myself for the incessant barking that always follows. When there’s no response, I remember that he is away. I miss Jack’s presence.

When Jack was heading off to boot camp, I emailed the trainer a wish list of things we would like to achieve (e.g. pay attention when addressed by name, learn to socialize with other dogs, no barking when the phone rings… ).

I also mentioned a couple of fears (e.g. that “training” will result in losing aspects of his personality we enjoy: spontaneous, mischievous, playful). I read somewhere that it is helpful to write down a fear that you want to address. We thought we would give it a try.

Jack is a wonderful dog that we both treasure very much and want to do right by. We’ve had beautiful weather all week, and each morning I picture Jack enjoying himself on the farm eager to learn more.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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