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Dan and I are frequently being told we should be using social media to help grow our business, and we think it is good advice. Unfortunately, leveraging social media doesn’t come naturally to either of us. We can both use social media, but putting it to work for us is a challenge.

Today I decided I would jump in and try and expand our social media connectivity beyond Facebook. Pinterest seemed like a good place to start, but despite spending much of the day at my computer I didn’t make much progress. After several hours grappling with widgets, snippets, buttons, meta-tags, HTML, and Java I concluded that enabling a website for social media is not as easy as Pinterest would have you believe.

By early evening I was frustrated and realised I needed to take a break. During my break I recalled some other advice I received recently — when you meet resistance, stop pushing. I took this advice and decided I was done with work for the day.

Instead of returning to my computer I joined Dan for a cocktail,

and we socialized with the help of some old technology we are both very comfortable with.

While listening to LPs (given to us recently by our friend Ray),

I was able to reflect on my day and appreciate some highlights that my recent frustration had overshadowed.

Fog this morning provided a magical and mystical start to my day whilst walking in the woods with Jack.

I find it much easier to connect with nature than to attach widgets to our website.

A Facebook post this afternoon informed me that a friend in our neighborhood, Zara, is 6 years old today. Moments later I saw Zara (and her mum) walking past our house. I was pleased to have an opportunity to wish her a happy birthday from our office window.

Zara responded with a smile and then asked if I would like a cupcake.

I accepted and was impressed at her generosity — and her social skills.

I think social media will be a natural fit for Zara when she starts to use it. And hopefully our website will be a little more advanced by then too.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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  • Wise man.
    I am in the dark ages being that much older and of artistic temperament.
    Getting my art to the public is SO frustrating since I have to do so much work via computer media.
    This blog is totally amazing.

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