We are delighted to see one of our recent design projects, Stephanie’s Kitchen, featured on Apartment Therapy !!!

Check out additional project photos in the gallery below.  Check out our Design Services here.

Unhappy with the feel and function of the kitchen in her cozy apartment, Stephanie was eager to make changes.  After we showed her how her space could be improved (see our Design Vision sketch below), we quickly got to work together implementing the ideas:

  • Relocated the clock outside!  Now the timepiece hangs in the window well, and the space feels like it has been extended 3 feet!
  • Increased counter space and storage by replacing two little cabinets with one BIG IKEA unit (fixing Stephanie’s biggest frustration — lack of counterspace)
  • Extended the wall cabinets with a custom open shelf unit – so wall storage is now as long as the new IKEA base unit below (a painted wood trim crown integrates the new shelving and old cabinets)
  • Concealed unsightly utility boxes and wires by adding open shelves for frequently used items like glassware and plates (and Gin)
  • Installed undercabinet lighting and painted the backsplash wall area a taupe color (similar to the color of adjacent wall tile above the range)
  • Painted blue accent wall with Benjamin Moore ‘chalkboard’ paint (Stephanie can get creative and refresh the look whenever she is inspired)
  • Inspired by our Spice Drawer design, Stephanie did her own version
  • We loved Stephanie’s idea to add the deer (named Everett) and a bit of whimsy
  • And she loved our idea to cut a hole in the back of her decorative birdhouse to cover an electrical receptacle (so she no longer sees the pendant light plug sticking out of the wall when sitting at her kitchen table)



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